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Face Mask on Desk

COVID-19 Information

The safety and well-being of everyone within the Llanbister community is, and always will be, our highest priority. Llanbister Primary school is acting on advice from Welsh Government and the NHS.


Llanbister school currently operates as a single bubble of 61 pupils and 9 staff.

We have staggered entry times between 8:50 and 9:30 where the pupils arrive and are met as they enter school.
At the end of the day bus pupils are escorted to busses at the front of the schools and all other learners are collected at the back gate by the car park where you are asked to socially distance whilst you wait for your child.


All pupils and staff wash their hands as soon as they come into school and at regular intervals throughout the day. Masks may be worn and social distancing is encouraged where possible.

The school premises are cleaned thoroughly each morning, afternoon and evening.

We need the pupils to have a named water bottle to use each day that they take home and bring back to school refilled. We have drinking fountains that can be used to refill our bottles also.

School dinners are available as normal and should be paid for on your Parent Pay account.

On the days we have PE we ask that the children come to school dressed in appropriate PE clothing an d footwear. We find this enables us to save time changing and also means less clothing is lost or discarded lessening the chance of spreading any germs.

If your child displays any of the 3 main COVID symptoms (continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell) we would ask you to keep them and any siblings at home and seek a COVID test. If your child is unwell normally usual rules should be followed. Remember in cases of vomiting or diarrhoea your child should remain off school 48 hours after the last episode. 

We also require everyone to maintain the national guidelines for the lock-down to ensure the chance of spread in the community is minimal.

Thank you.

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