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Healthy School & Sports Committee 

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We encourage all children at Llanbister Primary School to stay as healthy as possible.

Healthy Schools Committee encourage all pupils to bring Healthy snacks for playtimes and healthy packed lunches to school. Fresh water is available to pupils throughout the school day, all we ask is that pupils bring their own labelled water bottles into school each day.

We are working towards phase 4 of the Healthy Schools award.

As Part of phase 4, we are focusing on:

  • Food and Fitness

  • Emotional and Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • The Environment

Miss Wilson and Miss Hammond are currently supporting the Healthy Schools Committee.


Layla Williams & Eva Gardner

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On Wednesday 27th April the Food Standards Agency came into school to take the children aboard HMS Chunderstorm to explore the need for safe food preparation.


The children were taken on a journey to explore the 4 C's of food hygiene. 



Monday 6th June


Llanbister Primary School's sports committee held its annual sports day.


The day was jam packed full of sporting activities with the morning having activities such as hurdle jumping, bean bag throwing, cross country and dribbling. In the afternoon, the parents joined us to complete our day with our track events of sprinting races and the Year 6 late to school race. The results this year were as follows:


1st Place - Coch

2nd Place - Glas

3rd Place - Gwyn

4th Place - Gwyrdd


Well done to everyone who competed. 

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