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Team Meeting
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Here you can meet the Governors and read a little bit about their roles and responsibilities.

Mrs Kate Bowen is our Chair of Governors. Her role is to provide leadership and direction to the Governing Body, both in and between meetings.


The Chair, as the leader of the Governing Body has a role to play in assisting a collection of individual Governors to become an effective team that can work co-operatively with a common sense of purpose to achieve the successful development of the school, and represents the Governing Body where given delegated powers. 

Kate Bowen.jpg

Mrs Kate Bowen - Chair of Governors

Mark Hulin Taylor.jpg

Mark Hulin Taylor - Headteacher Governor

Kay Hughes.jpg

Kay Hughes - Teacher Governor

Rachel Powel.jpg

Rachel Powell - LEA - Safeguarding Lead

Rebekah Meredith.jpg

Rebekah Meredith - Safeguarding Lead

Sarah Hammond.jpg

Miss Hammond - Non Teacher Governor

Tina Samuel (1).JPG

Tina Samuel - Vice Chair of Governors

Gerald Hughes.JPG

Gerald Hughes - Parent Governor

Darren Rogers.jpg

Darren Rogers - Community Governor

Jen Bright.JPG

Jen Bright - Governor

Generic Staff Photo.jpg

Lynne Owens - Governor

Governor Report to Parents

Governors Report - Annual Report to Parents 2021 - 2022

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