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Llanbister Primary School
Experience Days
2022 - 2023

Experience Day 1 - Tuesday 6th September - Ambitious capable learners

To kick start our topic of professions we visited the emergency services stations in Llandrindod Wells. The children had the opportunity to look around the Police, Fire and Ambulance stations to experience first-hand the equipment, vehicles and environments in which they work.


The children asked questions about each of the professions and had a go at some of the things they do such as using the vacuum mattress and finger printing. The children also visited the local hotel to discuss the professions of waitressing, health therapy and hotel management, the barbers and the bank.


Watch our video to learn more about how we are beginning to support our pupils to be ambitious, capable, learners......

Experience Day 2Thursday 23rd September - Mountain Rescue

Today we were visited by Robin, Claire and Reading the dog from Brecon Beacons Mountain rescue. They came in to talk to the children about how they rescue people in the mountains, what equipment they use and what skills they need to do their volunteer role.


We had a demonstration from Reading who helped us find the lost teacher in the field! 

Experience Day 3 - Monday 10th October

On Monday October 10th we were visited, virtually and in person, by three experts in their field of professions. 


David Wilcockson, from Aberystwyth University spoke to us about his job as a zoologist, Kate Bowen about her job as a vet and Katie Davies in her role as auctioneer for local Auctioneer house McCartneys.


The visitors spoke about the skills they need to carry out their job, and what they found enjoyable about their role. Our children were left fully inspired.

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